Zodiac bracelet

Zodiac Bracelet from Covenant

The Zodiac Bracelet, like the Cosmic Bracelet, is another multiple ailment-resisting accessory found infrequently in stores and enemy drops and treasure. It functions like the Bhodi Bracelet and the Mirror Bracelet, allowing the wearer to resist Paralysis and Petrification. Since Paralysis and Petrify both take turns away from an affected character, the Zodiac Bracelet is one of the most invaluable accessories in the games.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

A magic tool made by the Hungarian witch Esca. It shows both the usual and the magic signs of the zodiac. Renders Paralysis and Petrification ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

A good-luck bracelet used by the priests of Athens to avoid misfortune. Lined with the twelve zodiac symbols, it guards against Paralysis and Petrification.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

A bracelet engraved with the signs of the Zodiac. Warns of impending danger and allows the wearer to escape from paralysis and being turned to stone.

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