Zhuzhen uses staves as his weapons.

Oak StaffEdit

Oak staff
"Made from ancient oak, it enhances magical powers."


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: -

Sell: 290

Obtained: Zhuzhen's default weapon


Staff made from the limb of an ancient oak. It raises a magic wielder's abilities and is a necessary step on the way to becoming an Adept in the Taoist Arts.

Hexagonal StaffEdit

Hexagonal staff
"Heavy metal staff capable of great destruction."


  • P-ATK: 8
  • S-ATK: 11

Cost: 1100

Sell: 550

Obtained: Dalian


Metal rod. Heavy and destructive, it is perfect for the adventuring clergyman. The accumulated experience of many a holy man lies within the staff itself.

Pilgrim's StaffEdit

Pilgrims staff
"Carved from a sacred tree. Light and strong."


  • P-ATK: 17
  • S-ATK: 24

Cost: 2700

Sell: 1350

Obtained: Shanghai (hidding a few steps south of the inn), Shanghai shop


Staff carved from a sacred tree. Given its light weight and strength, it is an ideal weapon for older adventurers.

Hermit's StaffEdit

Hermit staff
"Staff for outdoor adventurers. A powerful weapon."


  • P-ATK: 31
  • S-ATK: 39

Cost: -

Sell: 2990

Obtained: Dehuai drop


Staff of a hermit who explored the wild regions of the continent. Its scarlet color is said to be the hermit's own blood. A valuable and powerful weapon.

Oracle's StaffEdit

Oracle staff
"Staff of the Oracle with special attack powers."


  • P-ATK: 52
  • S-ATK: 61

Cost: 8600

Sell: 4300

Obtained: London - Old Castle Street


This staff can only be held by the most dedicated of Oracles. It is said to bring calamity upon those unworthy to wield it. Tremendous attack power.

Four Gods' StaffEdit

Four gods staff
"Holy staff. Few can master its power."


  • P-ATK: 67
  • S-ATK: 77

Cost: 15970

Sell: 7985

Obtained: Nemeton Monastery


Staff blessed by the spirit of Mitama. In the hands of a master, the staff itself is said to become sentient. Very few can tap into its true power.

Sage StaffEdit

Sage staff
"Contains the soul of an actual Taoist Adept."


  • P-ATK: 75
  • S-ATK: 83

Cost: -

Sell: 15450

Obtained: Neameto


Before his death, a powerful Taoist Adept transferred his soul into this staff. In the hands of a fellow Adept, it is a weapon of extreme power.

Holy Peak StaffEdit

Holy peak staff
"Holy staff. Grants wielder incalculable damage."


  • P-ATK: 86
  • S-ATK: 88

Cost: -

Sell: 22780

Obtained: Cherubim drop


Legendary holy staff. It is claimed that whoever wields it will have the power to control Heaven and Earth.