Yoshiko Kawashima
SH - Yoshiko Kawashima1
Eng VA N/A
Jap VA N/A
Age 28
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Home Japan
Element Wind Element wind


Also known as Lieutenant Colonel Yoshiko Kawashima, she is the biological daughter of Naniwa Kawashima. During Shadow Hearts, Yoshiko was sent in to investigate the incident in the train at the Trans-Siberian Railroad and pursues Alice to discover how the men escorting her were slaughtered.

It is revealed that Kawashima planned Alice’s capture and was sending her as a gift to her father. She was also planning to take Alice because she knew Dehuai required her to destroy Japan. She used her power and status to make sure nobody could defeat Japan.

Because of this, Kawashima does not trust people very easily and will eliminate anyone who, to her eyes, aren’t trustworthy. Kawashima never reported back any details of her actions to the Capital. This caused an investigation to be done and coupled with her father deserting her, eventually led to her execution. She had also wished to live as freely as Yuri had.

She is a temporary playable character when her DNA is reborn as Ouka in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.