Yokohama Edit

Battleship Mikasa Edit

The battleship where Yoshiko is kept after getting abducted. In this area, two parties are formed. The player can switch between these parties to navigate the dungeon.

Enemies: Akagi Soldier, Flying Drone, Spider Walker

Boss: Let. Co. Terada

Brick Warehouses Edit

Resting place for Yuri and his friends after reaching Japan. There are only enemies when the player plays as Kurando and Blanca.

Enemies: Akagi Soldier (only as Kurando and Blanca)

Boss: none

Foreigner's Cemetery Edit

This area only becomes a dungeon shortly after Battleship Mikasa. Upon entering it, Yuri and the others enter an Otherworld summoned by Garan to trap them. They meet up with Kurando, who fuses into Tsukiyomi. Beating him grants not only Kurando back into the party, but use of his Demon Morph skill. To leave this area, two charms must be found to dispel the barriers. Once the last one is dispelled, the player must fight Garan.

Enemies: Noh Masks, Gaki, Pera-pera

Boss: Tsukiyomi, Garan

Yokohama Streets Edit

Enemies: none

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