Yamaraja: Wind
ShI monsters 020
Shadow Hearts
HP 900
MP ??
Location Dalian
Element Earth
  • Shockwave
  • Flying Stones
Immunities Physical Attacks
EXP Gained 720
Cash 3600
Drops Seal of Life

Bestiary InfoEdit

Ancient god of sea wind. It protects the sea when sacred, and brings bad luck when wicked. Travels through space at the speed of light.


Do not let the name fool you - this Yamaraja's element is Earth. Also, physical attacks do not harm it.

It is vital when fighting this boss that the player instantly fuses Yuri with the wind fusion, Tornado. The wind element will do more damage to this Yamaraja, as well as make up for Yuri's inability to use magic. If the wind fusion has not be procured yet, however, then Death Emperor is the player's best bet.

Because of this enemy's insane physical defense and the fact that it hurts rather hard, sometimes hurting the entire party at once, this fight can get rather annoying. This is also considering that Alice is out of commission, and therefore the group does not have a designated healer. Zhuzhen or Margarete can make do healing during the battle just nicely in her place, however, without taking away from being able to do damage themselves. The adept's ability Ogre's Flame Dance does nicely, as well as the spy's Grenade attack.

The fight can go even more quickly with the light fusion, Heaven's Fiend. Its healing ability Sacred Remedy can keep your entire party healed when this Yamaraja uses Shockwave, which hits all party members, as well as still having the ability to damage the enemy with Exorcist Arrow.

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