Yamaraja: War
ShI monsters 033
Shadow Hearts
HP 840
MP 600
Location Temple Ruins - Samsara Pavilion
Element Dark
  • Nightmare
  • Game of Death
  • Instant Death
  • Magic Attacks
  • Special Abilities
EXP Gained 2000
Cash 5400
Drops R. Phoenix Talon


Wugui transformed with Dehuai's power. Ancient god of war. Dehuai revived the god for Wugui to control. Possess dark power strong enough to kill in one shot.


Although a Yamaraja, it's still Wugui transformed - meaning that this guy still will not be affected by any spells or special attacks, even Margarete's abilities.

Before battle, it should also be known that, like in his human form, this Yamaraja likes to use the moves "Nightmare" and "Game of Death" a lot, causing full party damage and instant death respectively. Hopefully, the player has taken to equipping Leonardo's Bears before entering battle, or at least stocked up on talismans to get through the battle, including Yuri who is no longer immune to the Game of Death.

Some suggestions would be to have Yuri fuse with Inferno for its high physical attack power. Margarete can remain as a secondary attacker. Considering that Alice is gone and he is otherwise useless in melee combat, Zhuzhen should be the primary healer, as this boss may hit harder than to one's liking. Because of his weak defense, it is also a good idea to have him defend if he is not healing. Other than that, it's just about acing the ring 'til the Yamaraja falls.

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