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Yamaraja: Stone

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Yamaraja: Stone
ShI monsters 043
Shadow Hearts
HP 1800
MP ??
Location Kuihai Tower - Entrance
Element Fire
  • Chi Shield
EXP Gained 2600
Cash 6000
Drops B. Dragon Horn

Bestiary InfoEdit

Ancient god of faith. It protects religion when sacred and brings bad luck when wicked. Strikes with red-hot spirit.


Another Yamaraja? How many are there? Well, anyways...Seeing as the thing's fire-based, you'll want Yuri to fuse into Man Dragon and use Flash Flood every turn. Zhuzhen's on healing duty, of course, and Margarete can dish out some decent damage with her physical attack, being water-based and all. He casts a random buff at the beginning of the battle, but it shouldn't affect anything seriously. This guy is tough, but he doesn't seem to last as long as the other Yamarajas. If Yamaraja Stone uses Wall of Resistance then just dish out physcial attacks till it wears off.

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