Yamaraja: Stone
ShI monsters 043
Shadow Hearts
HP 1800
MP 600
Location Kuihai Tower - Entrance
Element Fire
  • Chi Shield
  • Wall of Resistance
  • Mirage
  • Falcon
Immunities Status Aliments
EXP Gained 2600
Cash 6000
Drops B. Dragon Horn

Bestiary InfoEdit

Ancient god of faith. It protects religion when sacred and brings bad luck when wicked. Strikes with red-hot spirit.


Another Yamaraja? How many are there?

Well, anyways...Seeing as the thing's fire-based, you'll want Yuri to fuse into Man Dragon and use Flash Flood every turn. Zhuzhen's on healing duty, of course, and Margarete can dish out some decent damage with her physical attack, being water-based and all.

He casts a random buff at the beginning of the battle, but it shouldn't affect anything seriously. This guy is tough, but he doesn't seem to last as long as the other Yamarajas. If Yamaraja Stone uses "Wall of Resistance" then just dish out physcial attacks till it wears off.



Tibetan depiction of Yama - in his aspect as Protector.

Yamarāja (also as "Yama" - "-rāja" is an honourific denoting "king", or "lord") is the demigod of death, in early Hinduism, where he is charged with punishing the sinful.

Some tales state that he was the first man ever to die, while others maintain that he has always been a god of death.

Despite his origins in Hindu myth, his worship and customs spread across Asia, where he perfoms a similar role - directing souls to Naraka (Buddhist purgatory) to be punished, or renewed in the cycle of Karma.

He also, however, is a protector figure, and deliverer of justice in his aspect of a Dharmapala ("Wrathful God").


A vajra.

While the English localisation uses the Hindu name, and names him as Yamaraja: "Stone" despite his fire element, his Japanese name "Enma-O: Kongō" (閻羅王:金剛) uses his Japanese incarnation as judge of the dead, (King Enma), and identifies him as "King Enma: Vajra".

A "vajra" is a type of club with a ribbed spherical head, often depicted being carried by gods, as a divine weapon. The word itself means "thunderbolt", or "diamond".