Yamaraja: Calamity
ShI monsters 050
Shadow Hearts
HP 3000
MP ??
Location Kuihai Tower - Summit
Element Non-elemental
  • Crimson Flame
  • Silence
  • Petrification
EXP Gained 6000
Cash 11000

Bestiary InfoEdit

Dehuai's ultimate skill. He transforms by feeding the darkness in his soul to a god of destruction in Purgatory.


First thing's first: This guy can petrify and silence you.

Equip everyone with either a Zodiac or Mirror Bracelet. And make sure to have pure seeds, as this is a long battle. Done? Good! Let's begin...

The first of few non-elemental bosses, and this one's a doozy. He's also the final Yamaraja. Isn't it great to have Alice back? She's healing duty while Zhuzhen uses Life Sucker and Yuri fights away. You don't need to have Yuri fuse, but if you choose to, Heaven's Fiend would be your best option as the fusion has an all-heal spell, just in case Alice becomes overwhelmed with healing and items. 

Towards the end of the battle, he will begin to use a skill called "Crimson Flame". No matter how cool it looks, it is dangerous if you don't watch your HP or carry Faerie's Sighs. Otherwise, there shouldn't be a problem. Once he falls, you get a whopping five souls for every element and finish the Asia section! Go you! If Alice also has learned Wish then you don't need to worry about using Faerie's Sigh.

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