Yama Garan
Hotoke Garan
Shadow Hearts: Covenant
HP 5,100
MP 600
Location Purgatory
Element Dark
Abilities Attack, Mind Assault, Various elemental magic capable of hitting your characters elemental weakness
EXP Gained 32, 500
Souls Gained 250
Cash 45, 000
Drops Marbas Crest, Poison 3 (ring customization item)

Garan's transformed form in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He is fought in the second and final forced trip to Purgatory and a ghoul form of him is fought in a sidequest later in the game.

Bestiary EntryEdit

Garan possessed with the awesome power of Yama, King of Demons. This radical transformation of Garan's can only exist inside the boundary.



Yama is actually sanskrit for Yamaraja, which were various bosses in the first Shadow Hearts game.

Yama or Yamaraja was a demigod of death, and according to legend was the first man to die, while others say he was always a god of death. His name can be interpreted to define twin and some stories he is placed with a sister named Yami.

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