Wind Shear
ShI monsters 001
Shadow Hearts
HP 10
MP 100
Element Wind
Abilities Wind Shear
Immunities -
EXP Gained 2
Cash 40
Drops -

Bestiary InfoEdit

Formed from the putrid vapors of a stagnant pond, its filthy sickle cleaves enemies with a frightening speed. They appear in groups, laughing wickedly.


As these are the first enemies in the game, just use a physical attack, and they'll go down easily.


220px-Masasumi Kamaitachi

The Japanese name for the Wind Shear, "Kamaitachi" (かまいたち) is a type of yōkai, a supernatural spirit that appears in a gust of wind and slices people with sickles.

There are numerous local variations of the creature - a common motif is that it is a weasel-like creature with elongated sickle-like nails. Some variants have them appear in groups of three, and living in ponds or rivers.

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