Will Power is yet another ailment-resisting accessory. It is also one of the least common found outside of stores. When equipped, the wearer resists all SP Lowering attacks. Since SP Lowering is not a common abnormality, it would only be useful during boss battles since the drain of fighting and the effect of SP Lowering could drive an unprotected character to Beserk status.

Shadow HeartsEdit


The pendant of Saint Eleph, it renders SP Lowering ineffectual. It has grown stronger as it has passed through the hands of many adventurers.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Will power

Pendant showing the god of travel and thrift. Worn by countless travelers as a protective charm. Protects the spirit in all troubles; stops SP lowering.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


A ruby necklace set in pure silver. Its deep red color stabilizes the mental state of the wearer and improves concentration. Protects against SP Lowering.