Powerful Light Class magic, popular with members of the Vatican and also exorcists. The magic focuses mainly on healing and supporting allies, although it is capable of being used to cast offensive Light classed skills against foes, and also to banish demons. The most well known users of White Magic in the Shadow Hearts series are Alice Elliot, and Nicolai Conrad.

Alice ElliotEdit

NameMP CostDescription
Cure6 MPCures targets' HP
Holy Edge8 MPGives Light-class attribute to normal weapon attacks
Blessed Light22 MPLight-class special attack against a single enemy
Wish15 MPCures all status ailments except Unconscious and Berserk
Gospel40 MPRaises target's physical and special defense for 5 turns
Arc80 MPRestores HP of all party members
Resurrection65 MPRevives an unconscious character with full HP
Advent120 MPHeavy Light-class special damage to all enemies- second-strongest attack in the game, behind Yuri's "For the Children".

Nicolai ConradEdit

NameMP Cost Description
Cure6 MPLight Class - Recover a small amount of HP to one ally
Bright Light16 MPLight Class Special damage. Circular small/1 hit/knockdown
Bright Crime*32 MPLight Class Special damage. Circular small/5 hits/knockup

*Bright Crime is only available in the director's cut of Covenant, during the second time Nicolai becomes playable in the game.

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