Water Creeper
Shadow Hearts
HP 55
MP -
Location Dalian
Element Wind
Abilities Attack w/. Ring anomalies
Immunities N/A
EXP Gained 50
Cash 210
Drops Phoenix Tail

Bestiary InfoEdit

Monster that controls water. It can bring on a drought or storm. Watch out for their friendly attitude.


Ok these things are kinda tough right know, Zhuzhen's Ogre Flamedance won't work much on Water Creepers, plus that can afflict Tiny Ring and versus 3 of these things that can do decent damage is enough to deal with. But they are pretty vulnerable to physical attacks. And should go down in one successful spin of the Judgemment Ring for attack. Plus these things are good to versus if you need more Soul Energy for Wind.


The Japanese name for the Water Creeper, "Isora" (磯羅) is a reference to the Shinto spirit of the sea-shore, sometimes known as "Azumi-no-isora"

He is described as; "a lazy fellow, and when he finally appeared above the waves of the sea, he did so without gorgeous apparel, for he was covered with slime and seashells, and seaweed adorned his unkempt person", and regared as having a hideous appearance.

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