The Warning Device is an invaluable resource. When equipped to one character, it lessens or nulls the party's chances of being surrounded by the enemy. This only works of the equipped is in the party. If not, the effect does not take place. In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the Tengu (another addition to Anastasia's Album) can only be encountered if a Warning Device is equipped.

Shadow HeartsEdit


Urgently invented by the world's most cowardly alchemist, Minimi. It helps the bearer avoid surprise or trap attacks. Looks mechanical but made from soft materials.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Warning device

Developed by the noted exorcist Dr. Peters. A shrill alarm sounds when enemies are close. It allows the user to avoid being surrounded.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit


A device invented by mad scientist Dr. Polly. A machine based on his theory that all living things emit waves, it alerts you when you are about to be surrounded.