Shftnw mon 039
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 378
MP 125
Location Machu Picchu
Element Earth
  • Attack w. Special Defense Down
  • Rock Burst
  • Paralysis
  • Petrify
  • Physical Attack Down
  • Physical Defense Down
  • Special Attack Down
  • Blood Loss
  • Instant Death
Coins 2 Scallop
Calories -4
EXP Gained 574
Souls Gained 2
Cash 321

Mana Root (10%)

Enemy in Shadow Hearts: From the New World.


A devil that delights in leading people into disaster by planting ill will in their minds. This little devil has been behind every great disaster in history.


A minor demoness found in native lore from the Araucanía region in South America. She brought plague and disaster, and was much feared, however, her presence could be expelled.

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