Veneficium - The Collected Soul

Yuri's max level Water fusion.

Info Edit

Dragon-like water god that resonates with souls that remain cool-headed in dire straits. It has the power to submerge the world in torrential rains.


Name MP Cost Description Image
Mirage 12MP Increases Evasion for one ally Wyuri1
Splash 16MP single-target Water attack (hard hit) Wyuri2
Cure Plus 24MP Restores a large portion of HP to one ally Wyuri3
Icicle 32MP Small-area Water attack (knock down Wyuri4
Arc Mirage 36MP Increases Evasion for all allies. Wyuri5
Cure All 32MP Restores all HP to one ally Wyuri6
Hail 64MP Single-target Water attack (high angle) Wyuri7


Etymology Edit

Derived from the latin word "Venēficus", which can mean either "poisonous" or "magical". Possibly a slight mis-romanisation of "Beneficium"; meaning "kindness", or "favour".