Valna and Vigna
Level 15
HP 2401†
MP 144

Kelementfire Null
Kelementwind Null
Kelementlight Null
Kelementwater Null
Kelementearth Null
Kelementdark Null

  • Heal
  • STR Boost
  • Shock Max
  • Strong Earth
  • Reflect
Drops N/A
NOTE: †All attacks will miss, and they will take no damage.

Optional encounter, in Koudelka, when the player tries to access Charlotte's Cell, without having pacified Valna and Vigna with their dolls.

Battle StrategyEdit

Just run away as there is nothing you can do to defeat them. All your attacks will just miss; you need to find their dolls to get the Green Key.

Can be used to train and level magic and weapons as they don't die and rarely use offensive attacks.


Valna (left) and Vigna (right)

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