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Tsukiyomi - Goddess of the Moon

Tsukiyomi is a fusion monster from Shadow Hearts: Covenant. It is the first fusion that Kurando aquires, however, it is encounted first as a boss and is the only compulsory fusion that Kurando may get through the game. It costs 5 Sanity Points per turn to fuse into it.

Info Edit

Moon Goddess that grants her powers to those who combine a noble spirit and a pure body. The light of the moon can save even those who are lost in darkness.

Attacks Edit

Unlike Jutendouji, Tsukiyomi's specials focus primarily on area-of-effect attacks, enabling her to damage large groups of enemies. Although, her skill set is rather expensive to constantly use.

Name MP Cost Description Image
Hell's Light 64 Tsukiyomi uses her magic to deal light class damage to enemies in a one-hit linear attack.
Star's Shadow 48MP Tsukiyomi calls upon the stars to grant full HP, status and Ring Abnormality recovery for one ally.
Moon's Rainbow 88MP Tsukiyomi calls upon the power of the moon to deal light class damage to enemies in a large fifteen-hit circular attack

Etymology Edit

Tsukiyomi (or Tsukiyomo) is the Japanese god of the moon. Not many myths surround him, except for one when he killed the food goddess out of disgust. It could also be a contraction of the Japanese words tsuki ("moon") and yomi ("the Japanese underworld").