Shftnw mon 102
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP ??
MP ??
Location Garvoy Valley
Element Non-Elemental
EXP Gained
Souls Gained
Cat Coins


Wreathed in brightness that no human eye can bear to look upon. Sometimes lends it power, which sustains all life, to one whom nature has predestined.

Battle Information Edit

Tirawa is the last of the spirits Shania will make a contract with. But that doesn't mean it's as easy as the others. Everytime it attacks it will take away stock so use Johnny's Vaccum to absorb Tirawa's stock gauge. You can go various ways against Tirawa, you could stick with La Sirene to keep your physical defense and special defense. Or be the heavy hitter and use Tatan'ka to increase your physcial and special attacks. But in the beginning use Thunderbird's Arc Gale to shorten the turn interval for both of you to give you a little advantage. Once Tirawa is severely weakened it will use Sanlittobello/Sunlit Vale to boost up all its stats so transform into La Sirene and increase your physcial and special defense. You're very vulnerable in getting one of your teammates KO. Luckily Sanlittobello will wear off in 5 turns, so keep up the process your doing and Tirawa will eventually fall, and you will have the strongest fusion in Shadow Hearts: From The New World. It is strongly recommended to use La Sirene since Tirawa will use Shining Zephyr which will be used the most on Shania which does damage and increases its own HP. However, on the bonus side, if you win against Tirawa you get Sanlittobello and Shining Zephyr.