Tirawa - The Sun Spirit

The last fusion available for Shania in the game, but the only optional one. It's also the only one to use 7 SP per turn. It's similar to Yuri's best fusion, Dark Seraphim, as both have the same specials, but with differing names and graphics.

When Lady ravaged the Garvoy Valley, Shania's father and the tribe attempted to protect Tirawa's altar. The tribe succeeded but, unfortunately, perished. Physically, Shania's father vanished but remained as a spiritual entity to protect the Altar of the Sun. Because of his concern for Shania, he allows Johnny to endure the trial with her.

Info Edit

The Sun spirit residing in the primordial flame. Noble character; only kindles pure strength. If one is tainted with even a bit of evil, the flame will consume them.

Obtaining TirawaEdit

Find all of Thunderbird's, Tatan'Ka's, and La Sirene's Fetishes. Then, talk to Okanagan. She will open up the Garvoy Plains. Get to the Altar of the Sky and find the door no one has seen before.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Shining Zephyr 42 MP An attack that hurts foes with a beam of light that restores all party members' HP by the amount of damage done. Image Needed
Sanlittobello 36 MP This boosts all party member's status by 30-36%, depending on the Hit Area. Image Needed
Sun Flare 60 MP Tirawa calls upon the power of the sun in order to deal massive damage to its foes. Image Needed

Fetishes Edit

H'uararu Statue

Hotoru Statue

Shakuru Statue

Chahunu Statue


Etymology Edit

Tirawa, or Atius Tirawa, is the creator god of the Pawnee tribe. He was the one who introduced culture to the first humans.