(From right to left) Becky, Timmy and Nene

These three children are minor characters in the Koudelka mangaverse.

They reside in London, and are children of the prostitutes that Joshua knew before moving away. Nene is certainly Kitty's daughter (in volume 1, she refers to Kitty as "Mom" while being lifted), but Timmy and Becky can only be guessed at who their mother is. These three aren't of great importance, except for comedic relief.

18 Years LaterEdit

The events of the third manga conclude with some insight into Becky, the girl on the right. Thanks to Joshua's donations to The Mary Club, the ladies had been able to convert it into a school for girls, where Becky has become a teacher. Rosanne writes to Joshua, stating "Becky is beautiful, and she's an amazing teacher now." She looks remarkably like Kitty in her adult years.

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