Shftnw mon 071
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 900
MP 168
Element Water
Calories +5
EXP Gained 580
Souls Gained 10
Cash 660
Cat Coins
Drops Dolphin Statue

A UMA that must be faced by Natan.


A foul-looking UMA whose whole body is wrapped in mucus. Nests in ship-wrecks and lays red eggs like moss. Reacts sensitively to anything sour or acidic.


Tihozhodhi is a mis-romanisation of "Tieholtsodi"; a water diety of the Navaho Native Americans.

When Coyote, the trickster, stole his children, he created a flood, that covered the third world. To escape the rising waters, the tribe and all the animals climbed up a reed into the fourth world. When the flood rose into this fourth world, Coyote released the captive children and the flood subsided.

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