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Thunderbird - The Sky Spirit

The Thunderbird is Shania's first and present fusion.

According to the game, Zonda helped her find the Altar of the Sky so she can make her contract with the Thunderbird. She appears when fighting the first boss. Overall, Thunderbird has high Luck and Agility, making her useful for support or using items. Shania consumes 4 SP per turn as Thunderbird.

Info Edit

Spirit Ruler of the sky, wearing lightning wings. Fiery tempered; responds to anger or grief. Her beating wings summon the wind from afar to banish evil from the sky.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Mind Assault* 1 MP Takes away a small amount of the Targets Magic Power. Image Needed
Gathering 32MP Forces all foes to clump close together to enable AOE attacks Image Needed
Arc Gale 18MP Shortens the turn interval for all allies. Image Needed
Arc Mirage 18MP Increases evasion rate for all allies. Image Needed
Bar Rod 10MP Deals wind damage to one aerial foe. Image Needed
Bar Blast 18MP Deals linear wind damage to a group of foes. Image Needed
Evil Eye 10MP Deals dark damage to foes in a small area. Image Needed
Dusk Proud* 10MP Deals dark linear damage to ground foes. Image Needed
Evil Shade 24MP Deals massive dark damage to multiple foes in a wide radius. Image Needed
Ebony Cluster 18MP Deals moderate dark damage to aerial foes Image Needed
Slash Rain 34 The Thunderbird calls upon the power of wind to crush it's foes (air). Image Needed
  • Thunderbird begins the game with these abilities.

Fetishes Edit

All of Thunderbird's fetishes are those of flying birds, specifically; a Hawk, an Eagle, an Owl and a Swan.

Hawk Statue - Increases the Thunderbird's Stats.

LV1 Initial Level
LV2 Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1
LV3 Str+1, Agl+1, Pow+1, Luc+1
LV4 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Luc+1.
LV5 Str+1, Vit+1, Agl+1, Int+1, Pow+1, Luc+1.

Eagle Statue - Grants the Thunderbird new skills.

LV1 Initial Level
LV2 Thunderbird learns Bar Rod and Evil Eye.
LV3 Thunderbird learns Arc Gale, Arc Mirage and Ebony Cluster
LV4 Thunderbird learns Bar Blast and Evil Shade.
LV5 Thunderbird learns Gathering and Slash Rain

Owl Statue - Increases the Thunderbird's Special-Attack Stat.

LV1 Initial Level
LV2 1st stat boost to Thunderbird's Special Attack Attribute
LV3 2nd stat boost to Thunderbird's Special Attack Attribute
LV4 3rd stat boost to Thunderbird's Special Attack Attribute
LV5 Final stat boost to Thunderbird's Special Attack Attribute

Swan Statue - Reduces the MP consumption for the Thunderbird's abilities.

LV1 Initial Level
LV2 Abilities cost 10% less
LV3 Abilities cost 20% less
LV4 Abilities cost 30% less
LV5 Abilities cost 50% less

Gallery Edit

Etymology Edit

The Thunderbird is a giant mythological bird in Native-American folklore.

It is described as a large bird, capable of creating storms and thundering while it flies. The clouds are pulled together by its wingbeats and the sound of thunder is made by the flap of its wings, sheet lightning flashes from its eyes when it blinks, and individual lightning bolts are made by glowing snakes that it carries around with it.

It is/was highly revered and considered very powerful.

Trivia Edit

  • The Thunderbird spirit is the only one that is never seen or fought ingame, having already been acquired by Shania before the start of the game.