Thera Seed is an item which restores 150-180 HP per character.

Shadow HeartsEdit

The seeds of the medicinal herb Thera Leaf. Extremely nourishing, they greatly restore physical strength when ingested. No taste. Easily portable, they are valued highly by adventurers.

Found: Temple Ruins, Blue Castle,
Drops: Raging Spirit, Brain Sucker, Sergeant
Purchase: Shanghai and on
Buy: 120
Sell: 60

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Thera seeds
Freshly sprouted Thera seeds. Though the timing of harvest is difficult, the seeds are more efficacious than leaves due to the concentrated nutrients.

Found: Domremy, Le Havre, Wine Cellar, Lottery No. 15, Rhondda Mine, Florence, Manmariana Island, Neam Ruins, Lottery No. 12
Drops: Gargoyle (Ring Perfect), Clawed Commander, Domovoi, Otheon, Paladin, Wormgaur, Tweedledee, Agony, Hati, Emptiness, Stray Wolf
Buy: 120
Sell: 60

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Thera seed
'A budding Thera seed. Its nutrients are more concentrated prior to stem growth, making it more effective than its leaves, especially those that bud on a new moon.

Found: Lottery No. 11, Roswell, Caribbean Pirate Fort,
Drops: Mafia Hoodlum, Petty Mafioso, Bablovia, Butcher
Purchase: Caribbean Pirate Fort and on
Buy: 120
Sell: 60