Thera Leaves are the first HP-restoring items the player can acquire in the series. It is available for sale in most stores and it can be dropped by enemies as well.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Long used for its medicinal properties, this herb blooms only once each year. Those lucky enough to see the small blossom are said to have good luck for the year.

Found: Train, Zhaoyang Village, Fengtian
Drops: Wind Shear, Wolf, Python, Corporal
Purchase: Zhaoyang Village and on
Buy: 50
Sell: 25

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

Thera leaf
A natural herb found through Eurasia. The leaves can be boiled in water to make an invigorating drink, or mashed and applied to wounds to ease pain.

Found: Apoina Tower, Domremy, Ardennes Forest, Paris, Le Havre
Drops: Revenant, Ducky Toy, Death Snail, Ekimmu, Centipede, Propolis
Purchase: Paris and on
Buy: 50
Sell: 25

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit

Thera leafftnw
A wild herb from the highlands of both Europe and Asia. Has remarkable regenerative and healing properties and almost no taste, making it perfect even for picky children.

Found: New York City, Erick Theatre, Arkham University, Alcatraz Prison
Drops: Fat Thug, Sergei, Sirius, Thug, Tonakh, Womp
Purchase: New York City and on
Buy: 50
Sell: 25