Tents are items that can be used on the World Map and at Save Points to restore character's HP, MP, and SP to 100%

Shadow HeartsEdit

A leather tend used by nomadic tribes. It can be used at a Save Point to fully restore the physical, mystical, and mental strength of all allies.

Found: Zhaoyang Village, Fengtian, Dalian, Temple Ruins x3, Blue Castle
Drops: Kappa
Purchase: All item shops
Buy: 480
Sell: 100

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit

An easy-to-carry tent. Use overnight at a Save Point to recover all party members physical and mystical strength. Disposable but fully biodegradable.

Found: Apoina Tower, Domremy, Ardennes Forest, Paris, Le Havre, St. Marguerite Island, Battleship Mikasa, Hojo Research Lab
Drops: Castor, Calamity Orb
Purchase: Paris and on
Buy: 200
Sell: 100

Shadow Hearts: From the New World:Edit

A portable tent, compact for carrying but big enough to fully heal the entire party. However, it must then by thrown away because no one can fold it up again.

Found: Times Square, Erick Theater, Arkham University, Alcatraz Prison, Roswell, Garvoy Valley
Drops: Acteon, Ikcheon, Jig Ruta, Wormy Worm
Purchase: All item shops
Buy: 200
Sell: 100