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Temple Ruins - Exterior

Also known as The Nine Courts of Xiyuan. Zhuzhen explains his affiliation to this place, as he and Dehuai trained here under Master Xifa, who still resides here. This is also the resting place of the last votive picture, The White Tiger. Courier Subordinate is selling items again, but his inventory is the same as the general store in Shanghai. A Talisman of Mercy can be found in a chest off to the left of the main area.

Samsara PavilionEdit

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Meeting Xiaofang

This pavillion marks the beginning of the Dan Tian and Jiang trials respectively. As the player completes the first trial with one group, they will find themselves starting from here yet again to start the next. This is also the location that all of the group meets Master Xiaofang, who can be found near the end of the trials, selling items to make some pocket money. His items are the same as the general store in Shanghai.

Dan Tian CourtEdit

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Dan Tian Court

The first trial, the player has control only over Yuri and Zhuzhen. At the beginning, they are given one restriction: they are unable to use items within combat; however, outside of battle, item use is allowed. When the men make it to the end, they are confronted by the boss.


Boss: Xieshi


Jiang PalaceEdit

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Jiang Palace

The second trial, which is only opened after the completion of the first. This time, the player is only given control over Alice and Margaret. Just as before, they are given a restriction: they cannot use special abilities in combat; likewise, they can use them outside of battle. They are confronted by the boss upon reaching the end.


Boss: Baigu


Ni Wan PalaceEdit

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Ni Wan Palace

After the girls complete the Jiang Palace, the men get to complete the last trial. They are not allowed to use items in battle still, and now can no longer use special abilities either. Xiaofang can be found with no items to sell. At this location, he will be Lottery Member No. 11. At the end, the final boss of this palace appears.


Boss: Qinggu



Nirvana PalaceEdit

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Nirvana Palace

Reunited, the group finally meets the legendary Master Xifa. As a thanks for either appeasing him or just for making it safely through the trials, he adds a Fruit of Yggdrasil to your inventory upon returning your items and abilities.

Just as he is about to send Xiaofang to retrieve the White Tiger Votive, the catty master is posessed by Dehuai, using the poor boy to break through the temple's barrier and kidnap Alice. He shakes the temple violently, causing the party to black out, making his exit with Alice.

Waking up, Xifa uses the last of his life force to not only save the lives of the three remaining members of the group, but to transport them back to the Samsara Pavilion. There, the team tries to make their escape. However, Wugui shows up to block their way, now with the ability to become a demon.


Boss: Yamaraja: War