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Tatan'Ka - The Earth Spirit

Tatan'Ka is the Spirit of the Earth, revered by the tribe dwelling in the Grand Canyon. The valley leading to its altar is guarded both by the tribe and the spirits inhabiting the valley. Pressured by Shania and her quest for vengeance, Zonda gives into her pleas and lets her make a soul contract with Tatan'Ka.

Tatan'Ka is a good tank, since her strongest stats are her Strength and Intelligence. Combined with Shania's five-hit Physical Attack Ring, Tatan'Ka can deal a good deal of damage to any foe.

Info Edit

Ruler of the earth, wrapped in stone. Brave; responds to readiness and resolve. her fist is a hammer that shakes the earth and sweeps away the evil that prowls it.

Attacks Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Howling* 22 MP Restores the party's SP. Image Needed
Inspire 26 MP Increase the party's Stock Guage regeneration moderately. Image Needed
Arc Rage 18 MP Raises the party's Physical Attack by 28% Image Needed
Arc Surge 18 MP Raises the party's Special Attack by 28%. Image Needed
Rock Bump 10 MP Deals linear earth damage to a group of foes. Image Needed
Rock Burst 18 MP Deals earth damage to a single ground foe. Image Needed
Red Nova 14 MP Deals fire damage to foes in a small area. Image Needed
Red Blaze 18 MP Deals fire damage to foes in a medium area. Image Needed
Dusk Proud* 10 MP Deals dark linear damage to ground foes. Image Needed
Ebony Cluster 18 MP Deals moderate dark damage to aerial foes. Image Needed
Rumble Roar 34 MP Tatan'Ka calls upon the power of the Earth to crush her foes (ground). Image Needed
  • Tatan'Ka begins with these abilities.

Fetishes Edit

Bear Statue

Wolf Statue

Bison Statue

Horse Statue


Etymology Edit

  • Tatan'ka's name may be derived from the Lakota word "Tȟatȟaŋka" meaning "Bull".