A bit stronger than the Talisman of Luck, the Talisman of Mercy revives an ally with half their maximum HP.

Shadow Hearts

A papyrus talisman with a picture of the holy man Hylas on it. Infused with the fragrance of incense, it awakens the Unconscious traveler and restores his strength.

Found: Lottery No. 15, Shanghai, Temple Ruins
Drops: Mournful Demon, Shadow
Purchase: Shanghai and on
Buy: 820
Sell: 360

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Talisman of mercyc
A talisman woven from thread blessed by monks. In the center is drawn a chaste goddess. It revives those who are unconscious and restores their health.

Found: Lottery No. 15, SG Italian Branch HQ, Lottery No. 12, Petrograd, Dog Shrine,
Drops: Necros, Star Gazer, Flying Drone, Pera-pera, Koshoki, Flying Drone X, Tengu, Lion Dog, Torso, Beatrice,
Purchase: Warehouses and on
Buy: 820
Sell: 360

Shadow Hearts: From The New World

Talisman of mercy
A talisman depicting the twin goddesses of mercy and balance, Yanos and Maios. Made from sheep skin parchment soaked in holy water, it revives and heals the fallen.

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, Talisman of Mercy also goes by another name: Amulet of Mercy.

Found: Las Vegas, Lottery No. 8, Vilcabamba
Drops: Harukigenia
Purchase: Rio de Janeiro and on
Buy: 820
Sell: 360