Sword Mask
Shadow Hearts
HP 1600
MP ??
Location All Areas (Europe)
Element Wind
  • Fast Shock
  • Shock Barrage
  • SP Lowering
Immunities Status Problems
EXP Gained

The Sword Mask is one of the four masks in the Graveyard in Yuri's mind in the original Shadow Hearts. During the Europe portion of the game, it will appear as a regular enemy when the Malice meter peaks. If the player seeks to obtain the good ending, they must defeat the four masks in a certain order (after defeating Albert and Amon in the Nemeton Basement). The Sword Mask must be defeated last. Its element is Wind.

Bestiary InfoEdit

Dark soul waiting for the moment the dark world opens up to the world at large. It represents the harmonixers violent desires.

A dark soul that represents the harmonixers Violent desires. It lost against the harmonixers consience, but defeat made it stronger. ~ Defeated Sword

Battle StrategyEdit

Ok first of all this boss will use the curse Fast Ring which will increase the speed of the Judgement Ring. But if you fight them in order by how the Oath Grail says that will go away and that aura around him will go away. This mask will use SP Lowering so have Will Power equiped to all of your characters. Like most masks he can be easily defeated just by using special skills.

Defeated Sword MaskEdit


"Kee hee hee...B-Behold, the strength of the Four Masks!!"

Having already been defeated by Yuri, he is pitifully weak, and will be defeated in less than two hits.


  • As the four masks relate to Tarot cards, the Sword represents...well, Swords which is the symbol for air, as well as having the face of a bird.

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