Succubus Queen
Shadow Hearts
HP 60
MP -
Location Ni Wan Palace
Element Water
Abilities Confusion
EXP Gained 210
Cash 400
Drops Phoenix Tail

Bestiary InfoEdit

Monster born from muddy water. It hides at the bottom of old wells and sucks life energy from the victims. Be careful if you don't see your reflection in a puddle of water.


Looks like Li Li's cousins, anyways they deal decent damage but that Confusion status problem can cause trouble. But Yuri's attacks will do the job on killing it.


A succubus is a female demon that preys on men in their dreams. In modern adaptations they usually look beautiful and enchanting, but in the past they were considered to be scary and demonic.

The Succubus Queen design is probably based off a cecaelia, a mythical creature with the upper body of a women and the lower body of a squid or octopus.

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