The Stock Gauge is an important stat in Shadow Hearts: From The New World. It effects many things in battle, from gaining extra turns to being able to use Combo Magic. Enemies also have a Stock Gauge works exactly the same way as the party's. The Stock Gauge can can be found below a character's HP, MP, and SP gauges, and can hold a maximum amount of 2. It's yellow-green in color, and getting damaged in combat will build up the Stock Gauge. Carrying out attacks of your own and restoring HP will build up Stock as well. Being attacked by Hard physical/magic abilities will reduce the Stock, whether it be ally or foe.

Various abilities and equipment can alter the Stock Gauge. The Dream Catcher accessory for Shania for example allows her to start with a 2 levels of Stock at the beginning of battle. Also the notible abilities of Tatan'ka's Inspire and Ricardo's Serenata can effect a character's Stock Gauge.