Stellar Magic is custom magic solution in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. Like Covenant's Crest Magic system, anyone except those that fuse can use them. There is a big difference however. Instead of the crest magic spell packets, individual spells can be added to a chart - one of the constellations of the Zodiac. And unlike crests, Stellar Charts are not set in stone. One of the shopkeepers is specialized in engraving charts to modify the spell nodes, their magic consumption, etc.

There are three types of stellars: healing (circle), support (triangle) and attack (square). Attack stellars come in the seven elements, defined by color. Stellars with specific colors can only fit in nodes of that color (non-elemental square nodes behave like wild cards that any element can fit). All stellars have a level from 1 to 4. Nodes have the same levels to fit these stellars. Any stellar of the same level or lower can fit into these nodes.

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