Island fortress and prison, that housed Roger during the course of SH:C

Before leaving for St Marguerite, Yuri and his friends get a key that opens a secret entrance into the island prison. Once there, a wolf will steal it and runs in a hole. At this point, the player takes control of Blanca and enters the hole. To the left there is a wolf peddler that will sell different items. To the right, Blanca will catch up with the wolf. He will fight the stray wolf and retrieve the key. Then the player's party can progress forward.

At a certain point, everyone except Blanca gets captured by Sapientes Gladio and tortured by Veronica. Nicolai gets the Emigre Manuscript from Yuri and Lenny unwillingly searches for Blanca on his own accord. In the meantime, the player controls Blanca once more.


Island Woodland.

Go through the hole, and he will encounter Phillipe and fight him. After beating him, Phillipe will leave Blanca be and gives a paw print for the Wolf Bout card. At this point, Blanca must dodge the guards by hiding behind walls. Plus, he must tread carefully as some of the floors are littered with sticks that will snap and betray his presence. If discovered, Blanca must fight the guards. Once he finds a ring of keys, he must find Yuri and the others. Eventually he must fight alone Oscar. Then he reaches their cells and frees them.

Now Yuri and his friends need to free Roger Bacon. One of the prisoners tells them that he is sealed in a certain room with a certain key. It can be made if the player finds a fountain pen, some wire, and an adhesive. Find those, bring them back to the keymaker, and he will make a key to open Roger's cell.

Once Yuri and the others reach Roger's cell, Lenny ambushes them by sending waves of Clawed Admirals. When those waves are defeated, Lenny changes into Godhand. Once Godhand is defeated, they free Roger and return him to Cannes

Fort of Regrets Edit


Once the player returns to St Marguerite Island, one of the prisoners says that everyone escaped after Yuri defeated the guards. And they heard howling beneath the prison. They discover a secret entrance and Karin borrows the lantern. Beyond that entrance is the Fort of Regrets. Here ghosts of people with unfulfilled events in their lives linger here and must be assisted before they can cross over into the afterlife. To progress further, Karin must help these souls.

At the last point, you must help a dead professor to find out what keeps him stuck in the Fort of Regrets. He then remembers that he did some research, and Karin must find some Hieroglyphics in the Neam Ruins. After translating them, he tells Karin to head for Cannes. There Joachim will het his ultimate weapon Nautilus. Return to him and he will cross over.

Once all the spirits in the Fort are freed, Karin will meet her grandmother and get her ultimate weapon Durandal.