Spikes from Covenant

Spikes is one of the few accessories that changes with each game. In Shadow Hearts, it is a status-resisting accessory. It resists Knockback, which forces the affected in the back of the battle row. In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the equipped automatically behaves like Resist Defense (damage is lower and the received does not get pushed aside, but SP is consumed with each hit). In Shadow Hearts: From the New World, the equipped can resist attacks that chop down the Stock Guage. But, again, SP is consumed with each attack.

Descriptions Edit

Shadow Hearts

The spikes of the base-stealing king, Quick-shoe Joey. Made from water buffalo leather and set with silver spikes, they render Knock Back ineffectual.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Made the same year Matthews, the wizard of the Dribble, was born. He became the sensation of Europe wearing these boots. Allows Resist Defense during battle.

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

The favorite spikes of Lil Saba, pinch-runner supreme with a 99.7% stealing average. His skill in avoiding base throws helps prevent Stock Decrease attacks.

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