Equipping this to a character's Physical Attack Ring induces odds of reducing inflicted's Special Attack.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Embodies the troubles of Merlin, the infallible sorceror.

Number of Levels: four

Special Attack Down 1 Location- Dropped by Veronica Vera when you defeat her at the Wine Cellar.

Special Attack Down 2 Location- Obtained when you defeat Janus at the SG Italian Branch HQ.

Special Attack Down 3 Location- On the right side of Ouka's bed at the Hojo Research Lab.

Special Attack Down 4 Location- Dropped when you defeat the Wolfman at Monmartre in Paris.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit




This Ring Item embodies the inquiring mind of old magician Aeon who perpetually seeks the truth.

Number of Levels: three

Special Attack Down 1 Location- Found within the Cafeteria in Alcatraz Prison.

Special Attack Down 2 Location- Dropped by Killer at Vilcabamba.

Special Attack Down 3 Location- Dropped by Malice Gilbert within the gate.

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