Soul Block
ShI monsters 092
Shadow Hearts
HP 7200
MP 820
Location Neamto Float
Element Light
Abilities Pulse
Immunities Physical Attack

Status Problem

EXP Gained 40000
Cash 27000
Drops Monkey Paw

Bestiary InfoEdit

Insane bird that flies through the wind of death. Its five claws sweep the prey off the ground at the speed of light.


Ok so the player may think this thing resembles Yamaraja: Wind, which hints out that this thing is immune to regular attacks and can only be damaged by special skills. Ok seeing that these things is a light beast, use dark based special skills to damage this thing. Even thought its a light element, Alice's Advent skill can still do pretty good damage against this boss. This boss can use Shockwave so be careful and make sure everyone's HP is high, including their MP. Oh and if the player is using Chzernbog then use his Release Magic to boost everyone's Special Attack to deal more damage to his monster.

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