Soul Benedictions cures all Status abnormalities on one ally, excluding Berserk or Unconscious. In the original Shadow Hearts, separate items and abilities cure specific abnormalities. In Covenant onwards, these were dropped and the Soul Benediction, plus Heal spell, cures all Status abnormalities.

Shadow HeartsEdit

Soul bendiction
A rare woodblock engraved with an image of the mythic nymph Daphne. Cures all Status abnormalities--Poison, Paralysis, Petrifaction, Confusion and Silence.


Soul benediction
A carving found by the painter Lowell while lost in the spirit world (a story told in his book, "The Queen and I").

From the New WorldEdit

Soul benedictionftnw
A carving that the author of the fantastic, Dojisun, treasured for his entire life. Said to have been a gift from the Elemental King, it heals Status Ailments.