Sorm - The challenge-seeker

Yuri's secondary Earth fusion.

Info Edit

Greater earth spirit born from the challenge seeking soul. with the ancient power and energy of rock and mineral, it resists any who would do evil.

SP consumption as Sorm: 4 SP per turn

Skills Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Shield 12MP Increases Physical Defense for one ally Yearth1
Crag 16MP Single-target Earth attack (anti-ground, high angle) Yearth2
Stand 26MP Temporarily grants no SP loss when in Resist Defense for all allies Yearth3
Thorn 32MP Medium-area Earth attack (high angle) Yearth6



Possibly derived the misromanisation of Latin, "Solum", "soil, dirt, earth", or abridgment of the Italian "Sormontare", "overcome,surmount".