Somnion - Wielder of the Abyss

Yuri's max level Dark fusion.

Info Edit

Archangel of darkness born from the inner conflict between the desire for destruction and the supression of that desire. It wields the power of the abyss.

Skills Edit

Name MP Cost Description Image
Surge 12MP Increases Special Attack for one ally Dyuri1
Hell's Eye 16MP single-target Dark attack (knock down) Dyuri2
Mind Assault 1MP steals a small amount of MP from one enemy Dyuri3
Dark Claw 32MP single-target Dark attack (hard hit) Dyuri4
Arc Surge 36MP increases Special Attack for all allies Dyuri5
Delay 40MP odds of delaying one enemy's turn Dyuri6
Thanatos 64MP medium-linear Dark attack (knock-down) Dyuri7


Etymology Edit

Derived from the Latin word "somnī", meaning "sleep".

Interestingly, the personfication of sleep ("Hypnos" to the Greeks, "Somnus" to the Romans) was brother to the personfication of death, "Thanatos", which is the name of Somnion's strongest attack.

The monster that Yuri must fight to unlock Somnion, Veles, is named after the Czech god of the underworld.