Visited only briefly in Shadow Hearts.


In an attempt to escape to Shanghai, Yuri and party are offered a trip on a boat owned by a smuggler and her assistant. The assistant is Lottery Member No. 13.

On the way there though, the ship is caught in an enchanted fog sent by the sorcerer Dehuai to confuse and prevent them from reaching Shanghai.

After arriving at Shanghai, the boat can be used to access the map, and can take the party to Kowloon Fortress.



Pachimon General Store (Talk to Courier Subordinate)

Item Price Item Price Item Price
Knuckle Blade 1200 Shell Bracelet 2770 Holy Mother Bust 75
Shooting Star Tome 1420 Bone Bracelet 2960 Angel's Feather 80
Hexagonal Staff 1100 Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Phoenix Tail 90
Type 94 Pistol 1300 Spikes 2810 Bronze Arrowhead 100
Leather Vest 1000 Voodoo Doll 5200 Bronze Dagger 200
Leather Skirt 1200 Thera Leaf 50 Silver Hourglass 100
Bandanna 320 Mana Leaf 100 Gold Hourglass 200
Leather Cap 600 Pure Leaf 230 Tent 480
Leather Belt 320 Talisman of Luck 480
Casual Belt 600 Mermaid's Tear 70


Boss: Li Li