Equipping this to a character's Physical Attack Ring induces odds of slowing inflicted's turn interval.

Shadow Hearts: CovenantEdit





Embodies the devotion of the sloth that never deserts its tree.

Number of Levels: four

Slow 1 Location- Red stripe prize for lottery member 15 at Port of Southampton.

Slow 2 Location- Red stripe prize for lottery member 12 at St. Marguerite Island.

Slow 3 Location- Red stripe prize for lottery member 5 at Azabu Kamiyashiki.

Slow 4 Location- Found in a chest at the 3rd area in the Black Forest.

Shadow Hearts: From the New WorldEdit




This Ring Item embodies the unexpectedly gentle heart of the brawny forest troll.

Number of Levels: three

Slow 1 Location- Found by some boxes where you find the dangerous item in Roswell.

Slow 2 Location- Dropped by Cat Morita at Purramount Pictures.

Slow 3 Location- Dropped by the Black Bat in New York City in Chelsea.

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