". .." - Silent Peddler

The Silent Peddler is a minor character in Shadow Hearts who first gives you the pedometer. He can be encountered in many locations in order to exchange steps for prizes. He also occasionally sells items as the "Tight-lipped Merchant".

Pedometer ServiceEdit

Your accumulated steps can be exchanged for prizes as a type of currency.

Item Steps
Thera Extract 100
Voodoo Doll 300
Weird Bottle 800
Iron Clogs 1500
Flash Badge 2500
Moon Swallow 3500
Star Swallow 5000
Monkey Paw 6500
Silver Hand 7000
Belt of Power 8000

Upon accumulating 10,000 steps, you will be given the Leather Suit , Margarete 's best armor.

Pedometer SalesEdit

You can buy additional pedometers from the Silent Peddler for 2000 each.


Occasionally, the Silent Peddler will be available to purchase items from.

Kowloon FortressEdit

Item Price Item Price
Leather Cap 600 Studded Cap 1700
Casual Belt 600 Western Belt 1700
Zodiac Bracelet 10,300 Cosmic Bracelet 11,500
Spikes 2810 Leonardo's Bear 3330
Voodoo Doll 5200 Thera Leaf 50
Thera Seed 120 Mana Leaf 100
Mana Seed 300 Pure Leaf 230
Pure Seed 510 Talisman of Luck 480
Talisman of Mercy 820 Talisman Of Wisdom 1280
Mermaid's Tear 70 Holy Mother Bust 75
Angel's Feather 80 Faerie's Sigh 85
Imp's Fang 95 Phoenix Tail 90
Bronze Arrowhead 100 Bronze Dagger 200
Silver Hourglass 100 Gold Hourglass 200
Tent 480


Item Price
Weird Bottle 18,000
Thera Extract 5000
Mana Extract 10,000
Pure Extract 20,000
Third Key 30,000

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