Shrimp Roll
Shftnw mon 080
Shadow Hearts: From the New World
HP 570
MP 91
Location Sushi House
Element Earth
Inflicts P-Attack Down
Calories 0
Immunities Poison, Seal, Stone, Instant Death, P-Attack Down, Sp-Attack Down, Sp-Defense Down, Bloodloss, Evasion Down, Slow
EXP Gained 10
Souls Gained 1
Cash 10
Drops Pure Root

Sushi house foe.


A high-class dish made up of black tiger shrimp perfectly matched with black vinegar marinade. Keenly aware of its own value. Is there a black heart inside its pearl?


Be careful about this foe as you only fight him with Hilda. He dishes out heavy attacks and deadly when he does double, so make sure Hilda is buffed up for this.

After the battle Hilda becomes Fat and a save point appears on the Urchin Dish which was empty and was meant for Keith.

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