Shania uses axes to cut her foes down to size.

Little ClawEdit

Little claw
"Orthodox tomahawk made from steel and oak."


  • P-ATK: -
  • S-ATK: -

Cost: 620

Sell: 310

Obtained: Default, Grand Canyon


An orthodox tomahawk, made from steel and oak. Superbly distributed balance makes it easy to use, even for beginners. Essential item in every Native American home.

Crazy HorseEdit

Crazy horse
"A tomahawk made from buffalo bone"


  • P-ATK: +3
  • S-ATK: +3

Cost: 930

Sell: 465

Obtained: Grand Canyon, Chicago


A tomahawk of buffalo bone, coated in resin. Surprisingly light and easy for anyone to hold. Flies farther than other tomahawks, useful for hunting distant prey.

Sitting BullEdit

Sitting bull
"Heavy tomahawk made from a sheet of steel."


  • P-ATK: +9
  • S-ATK: +9

Cost: 1400

Sell: 700

Obtained: Roswell


Heavy tomahawk made from a single sheet of steel. It weight gives it tremendous power. Its blows are strong enough to inflict fatal wounds through armor.


"Hatchet made of meteorite metal."


  • P-ATK: +18
  • S-ATK: +18

Cost: 2090

Sell: 1045

Obtained: Caribbean Pirate Fort torture prize (pick Shania), Las Vegas


Hatchet made from a rare metal found in meteorites. Steadies the mind, boosting strength. A single warrior slew an entire cavalry unit with this weapon alone.

Red CloudEdit

Red cloud
"Sacred tomahawk used by female Nava warriors."


  • P-ATK: +30
  • S-ATK: +30

Cost: 3140

Sell: 1570

Obtained: Rio de Janeiro, Machu Picchu


A tomahawk used by the matriarchal Nava tribe, imbued with the power oif the war goddess Gazanau. Strength and sharpness increase the more enemy blood it soaks up.

Black HawkEdit

Black hawk
"Tomahawk made from pure Damascus."


  • P-ATK: +45
  • S-ATK: +45

Cost: 4170

Sell: 2355

Obtained: Uyuni Salt Lake


Tomahawk made from pure Damascus, a legendary metal from the ancient empire of Elgia. Its jet black runic blade cuts through gold and steel like butter.

Big ElkEdit

Big elk
"A golden hatchet left behind by the ancients."


  • P-ATK: +53
  • S-ATK: +53

Cost: -

Sell: 3530

Obtained: Pit Fight Reward


Hatchet from an ancient underground kingdom. Made from crystallized human spirit, inflicts wounds on both body and soul that can never be healed.

Wild MistEdit

Wild mist
"Shania’s Father’s battleaxe, Wild Mist."


  • P-ATK: +61
  • S-ATK: +61

Cost: -

Sell: 5295

Obtained: See Shania's Sidequest.


Battleaxe of Urogira, a great warrior known as Wild Mist. The blade turns the air to mist, confusing enemies, then to shards of ice that tear like talons.

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