Ico shania Shania
Game Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Kana シャナイア
Romaji Shanaia
Voice actor(s) Ja-lgflag Ryōko Nagata
Voice actor(s) Uk-lgflag Kelly Ray
Age 21
Height Tall
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Home Garvoy Valley
Weapon(s) Tomahawks
Special Arts Spirit Contract
Element Dark Element dark

A Native American woman with the power of Fusion, which she controls by making contracts with Spirits in order to use their powers. With her guardian Natan, she hunts Lady to avenge the massacre of the Garvoy tribe. Shania's Element is Dark, and she uses twin tomahawks to fight. Unlike Yuri, Shania's first three fusion forms are innately Dark, using spells of Dark and two other elements (with the exception of Thunderbird, who uses only Air and Dark spells). Completing the Garvoy sidequest unlocks both the game's good ending and a fourth fusion, Tirawa, which is Non-Elemental.


Bounty hunter who hunts far and wide for strange monsters. She can take a spirit's form and use supernatural powers. Behind her smile burns a will close to hatred.

A Garvoy warrior, sworn to revenge. Since Lady's kiss, Malice has invaded her spirit. Used to feel impatient, but now faces battle with tranquility, boy youth at her side.


A Native American woman, with the power of Fusion, which she controls by making contracts, called Soul Pacts, with spirits in order to use their powers. She's hunting the mysterious villain known simply as Lady in order to avenge her murdered tribe. Cold and single-minded, she and her companion Natan travel the continent looking for Lady so that she may have her revenge. Shania's element is darkness (unlike Yuri Hyuga from previous games, this does not changes depending on which fusion excluding her fourth fusion), and she uses twin tomahawks to fight. Later on, she is infected with malice by Lady.


Shania wears the Garvoy woman warrior's outfit, which is very complicated itself to explain. She wears a crop top hung by yellow strings around her neck with a large peephole showing the red sash supporting her breasts, elbow warmers and brown bracelets. She has very short shorts over red underwear, and she has a brown belt with pockets which hold her axes. She has red high heels and red decorations wrapped around her legs, and a red ribbon tied up her blond hair. Most of her clothing is white, red, and blue.


A cold individual, Shania rarely displays any extreme form of emotion besides anger. Her quest for vengeance has led her to become a cold and independent woman. Exceptions to her detached attitude toward others are Natan, her partner, and Johnny Garland. The latter of which develops a sort of romantic tension with Shania over the course of the story.


Main article: Shania/Spirit Contracts
Spirit Contracts
Name SP Cost Description Image
Fusion - SP Allows Shania to become one of many fusion beasts. Shaniafusion

Fighting StyleEdit

Even thought she has the power of fusion she has a high attack level. Shania is unfortunately unable to equip a stellar chart but her fusion abilities make up for it. Her abilities are based after the type of spirit she fuses in to. Thunderbird is based on decent attack defense, but makes up for its abilites to shorten the turn interval and raise her evasion rate. Tatan'Ka has high attack and special attack with Arc Rage and Arc Surge to become a very powerful tank. La Sirene is the opposite of Tatan'Ka being more toward defense and Special Defense. Lastly Tirawa is heavy damage and team support.

Leveling ChartEdit

Characters in Shadow Hearts: From the New World follow an arbitrary leveling chart, which regulates the character's base HP, MP, SP, as well as other statistics. The chart below shows Shania's Leveling Chart.

Shania chart


"Let's get this over with." (battle)

"I'm not against using violence." (battle)

"I won't show any mercy if you get in my way." (battle)

"Did you let your guard down because I'm a girl?" (victory)

"Not even worth mentioning." (victory)

"Inexperienced." (victory)

"Well that was a complete waste of time." (victory)

"You can hate me if you want, and your own luck too." (victory)

"You're time is up!" (Hard Hit)

"Dance in the sky!" (High Angle)

"Take a nap!" (Knock Down)



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  • According to Purgatory, her sin is Wrath.
  • She is the only female player character that has Fusion abilities.