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Location visited in Shadow Hearts.

It is destroyed when Dehuai manages to summon the Seraphic Radience using the reverse Demon's Gate Invocation.

Zhen's BarEdit

A small bar located in Shanghai. At a time, it was owned by Wugui of Kowloon and filled with his henchmen. Quihua plays music regularly, and the back room holds an arena for Pit Fights.

You can get the equitable item, "Anne's Cross ," by surviving ten rounds in the Pit Fights with the main character.


The only part of Shanghai that can be visited in the game. It allows the player access to an inn, a bar owned by Qiuhua and the smuggler's boat. Lottery Member No. 12 is on the boat.

Sh caps 193

Shanghai Burns



Mika's House

Item Price Item Price
Leather Cap 600 Mana Seed 300
Studded Cap 1700 Pure Leaf 230
Leather Belt 320 Pure Seed 510
Casual Belt 600 Talisman of Luck 480
Western Belt 1700 Talisman of Mercy 820
Shell Bracelet 2770 Mermaid's Tear 70
Bone Bracelet 2960 Holy Mother Bust 75
Rosewood Bracelet 3000 Angel's Feather 80
Bell Bracelet 3120 Faerie's Sigh 85
Spikes 2810 Phoenix Tail 90
Voodoo Doll 5200 Bronze Arrowhead 100
Brigand Earrings 5000 Bronze Dagger 200
Pirate Earrings 5000 Silver Hourglass 100
Thera Leaf 50 Gold Hourglass 200
Thera Seed 120 Tent 480
Mana Leaf 100

Shanghai Weapon Studio (Only available after the Wugui fight)

Item Price
Steel Claw 2800
Tome of the Moon 3000
Pilgrim's Staff 2700
Nanbu Pistol 2900
Studded Harness 2500
Studded Bustier 2700


Boss: Wugui