Track ListingEdit

Disc OneEdit

  1. "From The New World"
  2. "Et Unam -Chant Of ICARO-"
  3. "Great Ghost Dance (With ICARO)"
  4. "Ala Of Sacrum"
  5. "Garland Office"
  6. "The Mother Earth"
  7. "Delusion Of Death"
  8. "Dead Fingers Talk"
  9. "Gestalt Collapse"
  10. "Thunder Bird"
  11. "Oh smania! oh furie! ~ D'Oreste e d'Aiace"
  12. "Le Gran Luxe"
  13. "A Silver Smile"
  14. "Kiss of Malice"
  15. "Professor Gilbert"
  16. "Muy Malo"
  17. "Land of the Spirits"
  18. "Light Crossing Boder"
  19. "Holy Body"
  20. "Ta Tanka"
  21. "Moon Shine"
  22. "Adios"
  23. "Impatience Scale"
  24. "Living Sacrifice"
  25. "Alcatraz"
  26. "Heat Haze in the Distance"
  27. "Laboratory"
  28. "Sneaking Heart"
  29. "Pirates of the Caribbean"
  30. "By A Mustache Hair"
  31. "La Sirene"
  32. "Whisper of the Wind"
  33. "Heavy Destiny"
  34. "nada"
  35. "Dry Flower"

Disc Two (73:45)Edit

  1. "ICARO -acoustic arrangement-"
  2. "Chichen Itza"
  3. "Rum and Tequila"
  4. "Moana"
  5. "Temper of An Angel"
  6. "Mauve"
  7. "Bailar?" (Esp. for "Dance")
  8. "Vilcabamba Ruins"
  9. "Electric Hallucinations"
  10. "Auditory Hallucinations"
  11. "The Gate"
  12. "Dream Catcher"
  13. "Galvloi" (Cherokee for "Sky")
  14. "Tirawa"
  15. "Malice"
  16. "Deposition of Memories"
  17. "Fragmentation"
  18. "Will"
  19. "Talking About You"
  20. "The Wheel of Fortune"
  21. "Bythos" (Grk. "Depth", "Profundity")
  22. "Lady Tears I"
  23. "Lady Tears II"
  24. "Astral Tears"
  25. "Much More Together..."
  27. "Result"
  28. "Un gemito dell'estinto" (Ita. "Groan of extinction")
  29. "SABBATH -Demon Banquet-"

Performance Credits Vocals - Solo: Takehara Tomoaki (2-26), Akiko Shikata (1-11) Vocals - Chorus: Ikuko (1-1, 1-3), Akiko Shikata (1-1 ~ 1-3, 1-10, 1-20, 1-31, 2-14, 2-22, 2-23, 2-28) Violin & Electric Violin: Akihisa Tsuboy (1-1, 1-3, 2-1, 2-6) Acoustic & Electric Guitar: Yoshiaki Watanuki (1-1, 1-3, 2-1, 2-26) Acoustic Guitar: Kunio Iwai (1-22, 1-35) Drums: Katsuya Takahashi Percussion: Genta Kudoh Other Instruments: Yoshitaka Hirota - Inc. Piano, Electric Guitar

Vocal TracksEdit

There are multiple Vocal Tracks in this game, the first being the main theme of From the New World.

From the New WorldEdit

This track features Akiko Shikata and the Ikuko Chorus vocalizing to the music in the background. There are no real lyrics and no meaning to the song.

Et Unam -Chant of ICARO-Edit

Another track that feautures the singers vocalizing along with the music in the background. No lyrics.

Great Ghost Dance (With ICARO)Edit

Another vocalizing with the music track. There may or may not be lyrics.


Harmonizing with the background music. No lyrics.

Ta TankaEdit

Harmonizing with the background music. No lyrics.

La SireneEdit

Harmonizing with the background music. There may or may not be lyrics.


A vocalized track sung in an foreign language. It sounds like a Native American song.

Lady Tears IEdit

Harmonizing with the background music. No lyrics.

Lady Tears IIEdit

Harmonizing with the background music. There may or may not be lyrics.

Un gemito dell'estintoEdit

The lyrics for this song are a bit indistinguishable, but sound to be of a latin descent.

SABBATH -Devil's Banquiet-Edit

Harmonizing vocals in the background, with a man's voice saying something that sounds like "Cool Landing" (although that's probably extremely far off from what it really is. Then it heads into a native American chant of sorts.