Seravi - The Untamed Roc

The most powerful Wind class Fusion in Shadow Hearts. Obtained by fighting it in the Graveyard, after getting the Air Gravestone. It costs 48 Sanity Points to fuse with Seravi.

Info Edit

Greater spirit formed from the uncontrolled soul of a Harmonixer and a Roc. Its power belies its appearance. Its attack causes damage to all enemies nearby.

Attacks Edit

Special Skills
Name and Level MP Cost Description Image
Purifying Wind 18 MP Cures all Status Effects for a single ally, except Death and Berserk. Seravimove1
Accelerate 64 MP Raises all allies' Agility 25% to 30% for 5 turns. Seravimove2
Shock Barrage* 72 MP A powerful shockwave deals heavy wind class damage to all enemies. Seravimove3

Etymology Edit

Seravi could be synonymous with seraph, one of the highest order of angels in Hebrew myth.