Shadow Hearts
HP 4000
MP ??
Location Ancient Ruins
Element Non-Elemental
Abilities Divine Punishment
Immunities Status Problem
EXP Gained 60000
Cash 30000
Drops Volt Snipe

Bestiary InfoEdit

Incubus that calls itself by an angel's name and flies on the night of new moon with six beautiful wings. It eats the souls of girls while they're dreaming.

Battle StrategyEdit

One of the two angel deities that Yuri and his allies will fight. Even though this deity is easier than the other (lower HP than Cherubim), the player should keep caution when fighting against this boss. This certain boss is known for having the most strongest Physical Attacks in the first Shadow Hearts. Also, Seraphim knows a ability known as Divine Punishment which deals damage to your party and causes a random status abnormality. Make sure that everyone are equipped with a Crucifix or Cosmic Bracelet and a Zodiac Bracelet. The Incubus-God physical attacks deals a LOT of damage, be cautious with HP and Defense (especially Alice's). Use Alice's Gospel spell to raise the her defense, and Alice's Arc will help out with healing the whole team's HP. Yuri and the other companion Should be on the offensive against the boss.


  • Seraphim are angels in Christian Angelic Hierarchy, Seraphim serve as caretakers of God's throne . It is said they continuously sing his praises: "Holy! Holy! Holy, is the Lord of hosts; All the earth is filled with His Glory".
  • The Seraphim means the "burning ones" which fits since they shine with a radiant light that is said not even other angelic beings can look upon them.
  • An Incubus is the male equivalent of a Succubus, and impregnates women, often in the guise of a family member or loved one, or it has sex with them to drain them of their "life essence".
  • The facial design of the Seraphim resembles the common dipiction of Jesus Christ.

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